31 May - 12 June 2019

Robert Hagan


Robert Hagan

One of the best known international impressionist artists Robert Hagan presents a refreshing and unique approach to painting for both the studio and outdoor artist. Robert is totally self-taught, paints in oils and focusses on scenes of everyday life that feature figures at work and play. He has developed techniques and shortcuts in oils that makes his way of painting exciting and innovative yet with results that are spontaneous, energetic and highly appealing. His techniques of ‘wet-layering’ of paint together with his multi-functional ‘pastry brush and his EzyArt artist magnifier has enabled him to build a new way of painting that challenges the traditional yet yields exceptionally appealing results.


Robert Hagan art

Oil Painting Workshop. 13 days painting, exploring and enjoying romantic Umbria and Tuscany, from your base at our delightful painting retreat in the enchanting village of Bagno Vignoni and the beautiful town of Spoleto, Italy. This workshop has the lot, spellbinding locations, visits to famous sites, some surprising historical facts all wrapped into lively paintings led by the innovative approach of impressionist artist Robert Hagan

Unique to Robert’s workshop is the rare opportunity of seeing how he combines the generally static outdoor ‘settings’ and plein aire painting experience with subjects on the move like people, horses, birds, yachts etc. In his workshops Robert will reveal:

  • the importance of understanding the ‘psychology of connecting’ with others
  • what and where to find and use your ‘inspiration’
  • how to plan, set up and direct a story for a painting
  • how to use a camera to record everyday life or a specific painting story
  • how to plein air paint and then, when and how to ‘integrate’ moving subjects with the setting.
  • his ‘nuts and bolts’ way of avoiding that ‘stuck on’ figure look by following his step-by-step ‘wet-layering’ technique combined with his Ezyart Magnifier
  • and explain what palette fits which scene and which brushes to use for figures and settings.


Robert’s style of painting is extremely popular and over the 40 years of professional painting he has unquestionably developed his own particular way of putting these paintings together. During the days of painting with Robert you will receive handouts explaining his approach and techniques, packs of selected photos to use on-site, opportunities to photograph and direct models and time with Robert to seek his help, guidance and advise. Robert will start each painting day with a discussion of the painting in mind then a demonstration of how that painting is done along with thoughts, theories and ideas that are behind its execution. Participants will then have the opportunity to paint and be counselled by Robert one by one as he shares his knowledge of painting.

At the conclusion of the workshop you will have a clear understanding of the Robert Hagan way of painting ‘figures in a setting’ plus a collection of handout notes, carefully selected photos for on-going use, a written assessment of where you are with your painting and areas of improvement and a discount to any purchases you may make of Robert’s products.

The author on ‘Painting Cowboys and the Old West’, 'Romantic oil Painting Made Easy’ along with 5 superb instructional DVD’s and a 10-part Series ‘Splash of Color’ for Discovery HD he is a qualified teacher, an experienced and very entertaining host to numerous workshops in USA and the UK.