Central Australia Painting Workshop with Annee Kelly

Central Australia Painting Workshop with Annee Kelly
Tuesday 3 May – Sunday 15 May 2022


DAY 1 Monday 5 September, 2022 Bendigo, Victoria

DAY 1 Tuesday 3 May 2022 Alice Springs
Workshop members will be met at Alice Springs airport at 2.00pm and transferred to our centrally located workshop hotel in Alice Springs, the capital of the Outback. It nestles in a valley in the MacDonnell Ranges on the banks of the mostly dry Todd River. We will have a sightseeing tour on arrival and then check into our hotel. This evening there will be an included dinner.

DAY 2 Wednesday 4 May 2022 Alice Springs
Today Annee will lead the group to a picturesque painting spot in Alice Springs for a full day of painting. There are many good subjects, the dry Todd River bed, the nearby desert and the activity in the town.

DAY 3 Thursday 5 May 2022 Alice Springs
This morning we travel to Simpsons Gap for another painting session. In the afternoon, we travel to Standley Chasm for a light lunch. We then take a walk to where you can see the cuts through the tough quartzite that have formed a picturesque natural alleyway. Surging floodwaters over thousands of years are responsible for this magnificent site. There will be time to photograph and sketch.

DAY 4 Friday 6 May 2022 Alice Springs
Our final day of painting in Alice Springs. Annee will find some great subjects, paint a demonstration and then assist workshop members individually.

DAY 5 Saturday 7 May 2022 Glen Helen
Today we leave Alice Springs and travel to Glen Helen. On the way we will visit the ochre pits. The Ochre Pits is a registered sacred site and offers you the unique opportunity to view an ochre deposit that is still used by the local Arrarnta people. Ochre has been used all over the world for decoration and painting since pre-historic times. We then travel on to our workshop hotel in Glen Helen. The landscape around Glen Helen is spectacular – a towering sandstone wall is the first thing you see as you arrive. The area includes views of Mount Sonder, one of the highest points in Central Australia, which changes colours with the light. Our accommodation will be at the motel in Glen Helen in rustic airconditioned accommodation to give you the true outback experience. We will enjoy an included dinner each evening of our stay in Glen Helen.

DAY 6 Sunday 8 May 2022 Glen Helen
A full day of painting in and around Glen Helen Gorge. At Glen Helen Gorge, the ranges part to make way for the Finke River. The permanent Finke River waterhole is an important refuge in the hot summer months, for all nine species of fish recorded for the Finke, and migrating waterbirds. From here, the Finke River continues and makes its way to the Simpson Desert.

DAY 7 Monday 9 May 2022 Glen Helen
Today we travel to Ormiston Gorge for a full day of painting. The rugged scenery of the Gorge will provide some wonderful subjects to paint. The water and the shelter of the rocks attract an interesting variety of native fauna and flora. Annee will paint a demonstration and assist workshop members individually.

DAY 8 Tuesday 10 May 2022 Glen Helen
A full day of painting the many wonderful sights at Glen Helen.

DAY 9 Wednesday 11 May 2022 Glen Helen
Today we travel to Ellery Creek Big Hole for a full day of painting. This spectacular waterhole is fed by Ellery Creek and surrounded by high red cliffs and sandy banks. Thousands of years of massive floods have carved out this waterhole.

DAY 10 Thursday 12 May 2022 Glen Helen
This morning we drive the short distance to the Mt Sonder look out for a photo stop. This will be followed by a painting session nearby where Annee will paint a demonstration and assist workshop members individually.

DAY 11 Friday 13 May 2022 Kings Canyon
This morning we say farewell to Glen Helen and travel onto Kings Canyon, where we will be spending our last two nights. Kings Canyon is situated within the Watarrka National Park and is a huge canyon 270m high. Watarrka National Park is an important conservation area with rock holes and gorges providing refuge for over 600 species of plants and many native animals. The sheer red rock face of Kings Canyon soars over 100 metres above dense forests of palms, ferns and cycads; sheltering them from the surrounding desert conditions.

DAY 12 Saturday 14 May 2022 Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon is a fantastic example of Australia’s rugged outback landscape. The Canyon is an extraordinary chasm with sandstone walls and Annee will find some great subjects for your day of painting in Kings Canyon. There will be a final critique session late in the afternoon before an included farewell dinner.

DAY 13 Sunday 15 May 2022 Departure
Tour members will be transferred to Uluru airport to meet flights departing after 1.00pm. Passengers are able to extend their holiday and stay in Uluru.