Camille Przewodek Workshop

Camille Przewodek LAKE COMO AND CINQUE TERRE, ITALY Workshop
8th - 20th September 2019

Camille Przewodek


Camille Przewodek

Internationally renowned colorist and painting instructor Camille Przewodek's approach to plein air painting is all about capturing the color of light. She credits her teacher impressionist master Henry Hensche with opening her eyes to this new way of seeing when she was a student, and now she helps other plein air painters see the light through her straightforward instruction centered on the traditions of Charles Hawthorne's and Henry Hensche's historic Cape School of Art. She has won many awards including the Vanishing Landscape Award two years in a row at the Plein Air-Easton Arts Festival & Competition. Camille is an acknowledged authority on color and a much sought after instructor.


Camille Przewodek art

Oil Painting Workshop

Paint some of the very best sights to be found in Lake Como and Cinque Terre in Italy with Camille Przewodek. Experience the unique charm and breath-taking beauty of Lake Como. The Cinque Terre is an artist’s dream where you will be able to paint the dramatic views of the five villages along the Italian coast. This 13-day painting workshop with Camille Przewodek gives workshop members the opportunity to truly experience ‘la dolce vita’, the sweet life.


  • First class teaching by renowned artist and teacher, Camille Przewodek
  • Intensive painting sessions including demonstrations, painting instruction and critique sessions.
  • The services of a professional workshop manager.
  • A certificate confirming the successful completion of the workshop.